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日曜日, 12月 9

Tools of the Trade

For anyone wondering here is my most
important tools for the art making.

Paint/ink Brushes:

A putty knife that, yes, I use to paint.

At the top is some random piece of
shit brush that I use for most of my
brushed inking. This is one of the
most important pieces in my arsenal.
The secret, I think, is that I've never
once cleaned the ink from it. Ever.

Next is your standard watercolor/acrylic
brush. I use them in all sizes for inking,
and for watercolor, so yeeah, I have got
A LOT of these fuckers lying about.

Then a cheap ass piece of shit sumi
brush, only in large sizes because they
are cheaper than anything else that
size, but work rather well for washes.

A small oil brush, again, for inking.

A large acrylic brush. I have several
of these in various sizes that I use
for acrylics and only acrylics.


Rotring Calligraphy pen that I only
use for large final pieces.

A pentel fountain pen.

Copic Markers. I've got a few of these.
Mostly in varying ranges of black.

A white ink pen. And a Bic White Out
sqeeze pen, but I almsot never use that.
I've got another white ink pen that I like
a lot more, but I can't find it or think of
what it is at the moment. Oh well.

Microns. I love Microns. They're cheap
and they work great for less important
drawings... but I use them in most of my
final work too. I generally ink everything
with a small Micron first basically just as
a foundation over the light pencils I've
light boxed fromt he sketch. I use most
variety of these things. People knock on
them, but god help me, I adore them.

Last, but certainly not least, the 2H pencil.
It all starts here folks. And the Staedtler
Mars plastic eraser. I don't use the gum
erasers... never liked them. Truth, though?
Half the time I don't even erase the pencils.

I'm always trying new things, but these are
the tried and true I couldn't create without.