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金曜日, 11月 9

Stars and Stripes

In an effor to be more daily
about this, here's a thing that,
except for her face (which is
complete shit!) I rather like.

Project rooftop is doing a
Wonder Woman costume
redesign that I'm thinking
about... I really don't want
the giant statue of Wondy,
but it's a costume that I've
never understood. Isnt' she
an Amazon woman of Greek
descent? Why's she decked
out in some overly patriotic
American flag costume?

I've been toying with it in my
head, but I don't know if I'll
actually bother sending in
anything for the contest.


Blogger Thomas R. Koll said...

I love those stripes, very nice idea. But where are the stars?

5:55 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks! The stars are on Wonder Woman's shitty costume. ;)

12:12 午後  


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