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月曜日, 10月 22

Where do we go from here?

Blogger's been giving me errors
when I try to upload, and I always
forget to use photobucket...

Anyway, I haven't done anything
for the CBI contest. I want to, and
you know, get some work seen by
an editor, as there are a few watching
the play at home thread... but fuck
if I have any interest in drawing the
scripts they're using. I don't want
to draw a naked woman fighting a
helicopter, and even though I thought
I did, as soon as I started thumbnails
...I lost all interest in drawing some
guys high school life. I don't have an
interest in drawing my own time in
high school, let alone C.B. Cebulski's.

There isn't any room in these scritps
to go nuts or be very artistic... not
outside of normal comic book artistic
anyway. Well, not without showing
a complete disregard for the writers
script. Which probably isn't going
to impress anyone. Either way, it's
just not interesting to me lately.
Once I've got the first bit of Tramonto
done (and it might take more than the
first 'chapter') I think you'll see what
I'm talking about. I've been working
too much so I haven't got much done
on that outside of mock ups... but
at least with that, once I've got the
mock ups done, I want to do the finals
and see it in all its finished glory.

So, if I did buckle down and draw
some pages for CBI, and let's say
an editor liked them and contacted
me, I'd just end up doing more work
like that... and I don't think I want to
do that. I want to do my own stuff.
Even if it never takes me anywhere.
I just want to be true to myself and
my vision... whihc feels really, really
pretentious to say but, hell, maybe
I'm jsut a pretentious guy. If so, I
want to be true to myself there too.

I'm in love with Tramonto. I hope it
comes together like I see it in my head
and on the mock pages. I hope other
people like it as much as I do...

Soon. I hope.


Blogger dramskoi said...

I've been following your blog for a while now and only commented in few places here and there. But I would totally agree with the direction that you choose. It is imperative to do what makes you, as an artist, satisfied. To downgrade and force yourself to do scripts for others is just an annoyance, and I find it drains you as an artist. I've been in similar situations so I can understand completely.

On the side note, I am personally looking forward to Tramonto. And it's always more interesting to see a labor of love from an artist as opposed to a drawn out script which was done for money. My opinion.

keep going.


10:04 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks for the comment. I pretty much agree with you. I guess part of me just feels like I'm screwing myself out of an opportinuty, regardless of how the rest of me feels about it. But in the end Tramonto is what I want to do. So that's what I'm going to do.

2:41 午後  


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