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火曜日, 10月 2

9 panel grid

I love 9 panel grids. 12 and
16 too, but not like I love 9.

I want to do Tramonto on a
9 panel grid... like, all of it.
Granted, there's quite a lot
of wiggle room in there, so
it's not like it'll be 9 panels
every page, but every page
will start from the grid and
go from there. I like all the
pacing options it allows me.

Here's part of one with the
important bits taken out. I
don't want to spoil anything.


Blogger Robb Lioy said...

The single picture broken up into 9 panels really works with this piece Sail. Very well executed.

I'm gonna set is as my desktop background when I get home, if you don't mind (using Mr. Burns voice) "Excellent"

5:10 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks, Robb. And of course you can set it as your desktop.

12:02 午後  
Blogger jscott said...

Yeah, this is great. Love those panels.

8:43 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks, Jeremy! I'm changing it... either tree down or three across... I dunno yet.

1:00 午前  


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