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月曜日, 9月 24


I haven't been sitting on my ass
doing nothing, but I've not got
much to show for my time either.

I started working on Tramonto
again for CBI after everything
else just wasn't turning out the
way I wanted, but, I'm having a
hell of a time figuring out how
to approach the art in a way that
works for everything I want to do
with the story now. I've got a few
ideas, but I can't physically execute
all of them at the moment, which
leaves me trying alternate routes
to no avail...

I'd really love to paint the entire
thing with watercolor and ink but
I don't think that's at all realistic.


Blogger jscott said...

How long do you have for this CBI thing until you have to submit something? And what do you have to submit?

9:19 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

To be considered, you have to submit 5 sequential pages by the 30th of September.

1:41 午後  
Anonymous gothamstar said...

Stick with it Sail - it could be worth it in the end.

12:05 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

I'm sticking with the story, but I'm pretty much over the CBI contest. I won't finish enough work in time, and certainly won't make the deadlines in the finals.

4:27 午後  


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