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火曜日, 9月 4

Feathers and Furs

Sorry for the lack of updates
but I'm spending more time
on bigger things. I think I
often rush myself for the sake
of the daily blog thing, but it
leaves me without much in
the way of finished work.

I need to work longer and
bigger on better ideas.

So this is something I started on
today. I did a bunch of painting
and now I get to do a bunch of
assembling. I have no idea how
I'm going to do those wings. I
want to get a bunch of real
feathers, so I can paint those
fuckers right onto canvas paper.
It'll look awesome if I do that.
But now I have to figure out
where I'm going to get the
feathers in the right sizes...

... without killing a bird, of course.


Blogger Ester said...

michaels usually has a large supply of different types of feathers. Sometimes they dye them too, so you might even find them in red.

5:42 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Yeah, but they're pretty far away, so I'm trying to see what's closer before I drive that far for fucking feathers. Maybe I will kill a bird. (just kidding) ;)

2:26 午後  


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