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水曜日, 8月 8


I am returned. And I have brought with me much
faster internet than I had before. It's pretty sweet.

From the new landscape watercolor moleskine I've
started during my move. This is the exact middle
spread of the book... though, I fucked up and did
it upside down. Eh. So, interlude in life, internet,
blog, and book. The landscape format is really fun.
It's a challenge to figure out interesting ways to
utilise a space I'm not at all familliar with.

Also, I'm going to start deciding what I'm going
to put in my art book, and get that out soon here.

So, if there's anything you want to see in it, speak up,
either comment or email. I think I'm going to ditch the
square format, and go with a larger 8 1/2x11"!