Per Asperam Ad Astra

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月曜日, 8月 20


When I was a kid my dad did
a painting on a jigsaw puzzle.
It was pretty fucking bad ass.
You couldn't take it apart or
anything but, you could see
that it was a jigsaw puzzle.

I always wanted to steal that
idea. So I am. Different use
of the same idea. I'm going
to see if I can find a blank one
that's big enough. And the
piece where her heart is will
be taken out.

I spent all day moving more
shit. I'm tired. This shitty
sketch is all I have the energy
for. But I got a pretty cool
Cigar humidifier/case/thing.
It's pretty nice. I'm going to
use it for storing all my paints
at the main painting station I
have in the corner where I
get lots of light.