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木曜日, 8月 16


Working on my inking skills.

Using all the tools I have at my
disposal in stead of just a few.
I did this pretty large to give
myself more room to ink in
details. She ain't perfect but
I'm happy with it. Though, the
bristol warped and it fucked up
my ability to get scans that I
can piece together... so it's a
bit off but fuck it, I'm done.


Blogger Ester said...

it's cool to see the green shading in her face. Hard to pull off that color in portraits, but this is nice.

I found a freeware MAC icon creator for download if you are interested:

and this one has a fully functioning trial version (but I couldn't figure out if it's only for pc's or not):

and lastly, here's another how-to page in case you get stuck thru the process:

hope this helps.

5:13 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

I just went really light, almost grey with the green... a bit too much water as it bled out to far in places, (but whatever, bristol isn't the best for watercolor) I like that natural, organic quality of watercolor though.

Thanks, I'll check out those links.

2:11 午後  


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