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火曜日, 7月 24


Here is the completed final inks
of the fan girl image. I inked the
wings with a brush... pens bleed
on the rice paper, so I didn't have
a choice. I think it came out ok.

This is the cropped image for the
art walk postcard that we're doing.
The actuall image is on a 10x15
inch piece of rice paper. This is
page 3 of 4. This will be one of
the short stories in Collectanea.

I changed the mp3 player to one
that lets me upload the music I
want from my own collection. So,
check it out, I'm happier with what's
up there now. But, I'm unhappy
with how it crowds the image. I'll
add and change songs periodically.

I'm still looking for the ideal mp3
player, so if you know of one...
tell me about it!

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