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月曜日, 6月 4


I've been thinking about art walk, and
using the wall as a canvas. Fuck frames.
Fuck a couple images evenly spaced.
Fuck looking like everybody else. Even
if my style stands out among others my
presentation doesn't. And that's no good.

Everyone just puts a few select photos or
paintings up on the wall in an evenly
spaced semi symetrical order... and I find
myself growing tired of the concept.

I've got somewhere between 6 and 12
feet of wall space to play with... why am
I not using it in more unique ways? Why
am I not looking at it as a giant canvas for
me to paint on (not literally)?

Why am I using the wall to display a small
canvas, when I can use the wall as a canvas?

EDIT: Well, I just finished... and in the end
the whole piece is seven and a half feet across!
It's a simple black and white sequential image.

I'll either post a screen cap of it, or a picture
of the complete piece once it's up on the wall.


Blogger jscott said...

Did you take any progress shots?

This is a great idea, by the way. It is always good to think outside the box. I hate getting stuck doing the same ol' all the time and it's nice to step outside that box.

When I was taking my various art courses at University over the last couple of years I always looked at each(well, most) assignment(s) and tried to figure out what I thought everybody else would do and then do something different...which was actually quite easy after a little while. A lot of students fall into a grove and don`t take risks because they`re worried about their me, that is just ridiculous. You just can't care what everybody else is doing or what they will think. Art is about being different.

I think it`s great that you tried something new. Now I want to see it.

9:30 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

No, I didn't take any progress shots... I did it in sections, and am still having it made into prints. I'll just be sticky takcing them to the wall. But, like I said, it's just B&W, so it'll hopefully blend into the wall. Almost like I drew on the wall itself.

I'll post a pic of it when it's up on the wall tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous as I have no idea how it's going to turn out. I should get the prints tonight and be able to guage it then... fingers crossed.

2:52 午後  


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