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金曜日, 6月 29

Take Cover!

Part of me wants to do the
Collectanea cover like this.
(This just being a mock up.)
No drawing, just a lot of text
and texture. More like a book
and designy, instead of being
all comicy... the stories are all
fucking artsy-fartsy, so why
shouldn't the cover be too?

You know, let the stories speak
for themselves. It's not going to
be on a rack in stores, (well, I'll
probably see if my LCS will stock
it, they do that, I believe) I don't
really need it to reach out and
grab your attention, I've already
got that if your're buying it, right?


And, if anyone out there knows of
a good music player widget that I
can upload my own mp3s into, let
me know, eh? I'm not very happy
with the one at the moment.

Though, I've updated it with some
cool ambient music. Enjoy!