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木曜日, 6月 28


This is the only one of the Headphone
girls I got far on... but, once I had the
line art, I couldn't figure out what to
do with the background... and anything
I tried, just didn't work. Anyway, I'm
sure you'll notice I added a music player
to the blog. was the easiest
option I found, but after I signed up,
I realised that the selection was total
garbage... are we still afraid to put more
than a 30 second clip on the internet?

I've NEVER purchased an album based
on 30 second clips, but a few select mp3's
have convinced me to buy more than a
few records... they're all available for free
anyway, what's the big fucking deal?

I wanted to put more ambient/electronic
music up here, but all I could find complete
songs of was old indie rock stuff (and
Lali Puna). While I still like all of the bands I
posted, it just wasn't what I was going
for. Oh well, I'm still looking for other
options, but this'll do for now. Enjoy.


Blogger JScott said...

this image is great. I love that the blacks aren't solid.

This music player is kinda cool. I've seen this thing on facebook(thats right....i have a facebook page...ugh) but I didn't like it because you didn't get the whole song. I found one called Boombox which did have entire songs would be nice if that was available for this place. Players like this are good because you can turn them on/off instead of bombarding people that stop by with your music as soon as they get there.

8:08 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

I definitly wanted the blacks to have some texture to them... now if only I could figure out a background.

About the player, I'll only upload full songs. Some artists have entire songs, and some don't. So, at the moment, it's really what I could find of full tracks, and not exactly what I would put up if I could upload whatever I wanted. But I put some new ambient electronic stuff on it today, so that's more in line with what I wanted.

And I didn't set it to autoplay because I FUCKING HATE that.

8:17 午後  
Blogger Ester said...

cool piece Sail! Love the stripes

10:00 午前  


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