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金曜日, 6月 8

Fade out/in

Experimenting with painting lately...
but, I really should stop doing it on
fucking copy paper... as it just buckles
endlessly and I have a hard time removing
it in photoshop when it's the same color
as the paint. I need to get some canvas
paper. I havn't had any in a while. I love
that stuff. It's pretty cheap too. No excuse.

Anyway, I like the painting, even if it looks
a bit shit here. Maybe I should take a photo
instead of scanning it. Whatever. It was just
an experiment.

Art walk was pretty fun... I'll post up the pictures
of the piece in a few days. I didn't end up taking
any when I was there, so I'll have to go back and
take a few before I take it down. It came out a
little smaller on the wall than I had planned.

Oh well.

Also, as I was talking about it the other day,
and more today with a friend, I'd like to hear
what it is that you get from the bird image.

What does it say to you? What does it mean
to you? There are no wrong answers. I find
it interesting all of the different interpretations
people have of an image. Especially one as
suggestive, yet totally vague as that one is.

Let me know, eh?


Blogger Ester said...

nice painting Sail! I like the small detail of shine on the lips, and the look of haze right at the hair - water showering down on her maybe? It's cool. It's hard to pull off a blue person - you did great here.

Wanted to share a few more links with you (and thanks for giving me one too - I love that guy's work).

tre seltrow-detailed mixed media

liam - funny guy, check his comics

dusky ward - some digital design

figure work

for your birds piece with art walk, I thought it was interesting how the girl's hair reflected the shapes of the wings in the birds. The concept seemed to be like blowing kisses, except they were birds, and so to me, it seemed like sending information out towards something, info or thoughts, or well wishes. Like a motion of hope toward the future or toward something that is far out of reach. I think the black and white aspect could have been spiced up with some color, maybe a trail of color that followed along the flight of the birds' path, or something just highlighting the hand, to emphasize which message you want to convey.

I think it is a nice piece, personally, although I kind of wish that the girl's hand and/or head and shoulders would have been a little more detailed, but it all depends of course, on what you are trying to say with the piece.

8:50 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks! I like the painting too... I dunno if it's water or what, just thought it looked cool all blurry and dry brushed like that.

About the birds... Yeah, I thought about drawing more of the girl... but the print size being what it is, it would have been even smaller if I did that, and it already came out smaller than I'd have liked. I would have added some color, but I didn't have the time... like I said, it was an experiment; live and learn.

I'll be doing some more stuff in that vein, and applying what I learned from this piece to those pieces. Perhaps actually drawing them on a giant piece of paper and putting that on the wall.

Thanks for your thoughts on it though... you seem to get from it what I put into it. Whereas a few other people had different ideas. It's entertaining to see what different things people get from it.

Thanks for the links, I know Liam's work... he's great.

5:32 午後  


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