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金曜日, 6月 15


A little update on where the
fuck the book is at current...

I was working with someone
else on writing Tramonto. His
computer took a big shit, and
I haven't heard from him in...
about a month and a half. So,
between that and deciding to
redo Terminal, the book got a
little delayed. Well, I'm tired of
waiting to see if I hear from him.

So, Tramonto isn't going to be
in the book. It'll probably show
up later... I don't know right now.

This image is a test for the story I
am replacing Tramonto with...

I think this story will fit better with
the tone of the book anyway. Now
it's all weird surreal 'artsy' stories.



Blogger EntropicDesign said...

I like writing. Maybe I can help in some way? :)
Also, I think I'm ready to start talking concepts/$ on a piece I want you to do for me :)
You aren't going to be in Philly tomorrow by chance are you? I can't remember where you said you lived :(

10:27 午後  
Blogger EntropicDesign said...

oh her ear is sexy by the way.
the smudged feeling in contrast to the rest is pleasing

10:30 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

The idea was the other guys, it just fit with an idea I had started and lost interest in, so... it's not really my story to give to another writer.

And no, nowhere near Philly. (Go Flyers, though!) But, you have my email.

You like smudgey ears, huh?

10:40 午後  
Blogger JScott said...

This image would be a great desktop.

It really looks like a a linocut or something. Have you ever tried your hand at printmaking?

10:54 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

No I haven't ever tried print making, ususally I have too many colors and textures. I suppose this one could work, though.

You guys want a desktop?

12:14 午後  


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