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月曜日, 6月 25


I see a lot of people working
with black and white on brown
paper, so I thought I'd try it...

the paper I used is just slightly
larger than my scanner bed, so
ther is a tiny bit of cropping...

(did this last night, just got up
and scanned it, need coffee...)

Also, I saw this on a friends blog
and thought I'd see what my blog
was rated, you know, for a laugh...
well, it's rated 'R'. Apparently it
rates it on how many 'bad words'
were found...

fucking (6x)

fuck (5x)

pain (2x)

...what the fuck (make it 6) since
when is pain a 'bad word'?

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Blogger Robb Lioy said...

Good fucking one Sail, you and your fucking potty mouth.

I got hell 3x, fucking 8x, and bitches (as in "what up bitches") 1x. I figure it's a good selling point. :)

Not sure why pain is listed for you, I've written pain plenty, and it didn't come up for me.

I like the picture as well. You should do more of that type of work. It makes for a really cool contrast with your other work.

7:32 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

I'm aiming for NC-17 or X, personally. The ridiculous thing is that I could post donkey pron if I wanted, and as long as there weren't any 'bad words' I'd get a fucking (x7) G rating. Idiotic.

Also, I imagine it just checks what's on the front page and not the archives, because I've said fuck way more than 6 times.

Also, the fact that this comes from an online dating site is even more ridiculous. Whatever.

As for the drawing, yeah, it was fun, but I don't know how much more I'll be doing it... I want to get a light grey paper instead of this paper bag brown crap, it's too hard to see what you're drawing.

7:48 午後  
Blogger Jared Miller said...

My blog was also rated "R." I said suicide 3x, hell 2x, pain 1x. The pain thing still makes no sense to me.

9:58 午前  
Blogger JScott said...

HA...I got a G rating. Which is odd because in real life I'd get a hard R easy. I'm gonna have to up the fucks I think.

This piece is cool, by the way. I did a bunch of drawings like this in my Human Anatomy drawing class. I did all of my skeletal studies on brown butcher block paper with ink and white paint. I wanted them to look old. It's a really great way to work.

2:59 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Up the fucks, indeed!

Yeah, it was fun working on a toned paper. I want to get some grey paper and work with light washes of white paint and ink washes and shit... it's more interesting than graphite smearing.

3:35 午後  


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