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木曜日, 6月 14


I'm certain this counts as
Chiaroscuro, I mean, it's got
nothing on this... but I
still like it. I did this all with
a brush, which is, well, pretty
amazing for me. I guess it's
all the painting I've been doing.
Builds a unity with the brush
that I normally don't have.

In China, a brush is treated as
a good friend and is well cared
for, often being passed down
from one generation to another.
Once it is too old to use, you
wrap it in white silk, place it in
a sandalwood box and carefully
bury it in the ground. I think
that's really, really, really cool.



Blogger JScott said...

This is really good. I wish I cared for my brushes like that. I treat mine poorly. Now I feel bad.

1:42 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

I don't care for most of my brushes, but I try to take care of my sumi brushes. I actually hang them to dry when I'm done with them... not that I really use them much. Everything else I own is a shitty cheap brush, so I don't worry about them. It's not like they'll last very long anyway.

8:55 午後  


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