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日曜日, 4月 1

work in progress...

Here's something I've been
fucking around with over the
last few days... text is only
a place holder, the canvas
dimensions and colors are
not final... it's still a wip...
but I might just scrap it.

I dunno, I like it, but I also
don't like it at all... thoughts?

(Happy Birthday, sweetheart.)


Blogger EntropicDesign said...

She's pretty sexcellent, but I can't think of anything to do with it off the top of my head.

have you been thinking about the name for your anthology?

4:45 午後  
Blogger Ester said...

that's cool. Her face reminds me a little of Deunan from Appleseed

4:54 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Yeah it does... I hadn't noticed that before.

And the manga is way better. But it was still a beautiful movie to look at. So I'll probably see the sequel.

And and, glad my prank worked!

5:14 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Jim, it's in the back of my mind, but I've not come up with anything that I like yet. I guess it's dictionary/thesaurus time.

5:16 午後  
Blogger EntropicDesign said...

yeah i've been trying to think of clever edgey words that reflect your work/style...
im usually better at this but i think im afraid you'll think they're too corny

6:00 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Whatever dude. Throw em out there... if I like one, I'll use it and give you credit. Can't be worse than some of the things I've thought of.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

6:11 午後  
Blogger EntropicDesign said...

Some ideas for the name I've thought up:

Train of Thought
Background Noise
Lies and Metaphors
[the] Euphoric Manifesto
Black Lights & Broken Dreams
The Lies We Lead (or Weave)

These are some of the words I associate with your style/work and they are all great words you could have a lot of fun designing around
lemme know what you think

7:56 午後  
Blogger Ester said...

another take off from Jim's "Background Noise", is pink noise. Like, in music (you know all about that, right Sail? I thought I read somewhere earlier that you were into music, art and something else, in that order...)

6:24 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Ester, I think that's in my profile at the Templesmith forums... I think. And yeah, I've played (mainly) guitar from age 13 on so, I know all about the white and pink noise.

Oddly enough, I thought about calling it just 'Noise'.

Jim, those are all interesting, but I'm gravitating more towards a single word that sums up the books overall tone... see todays post (up soon)

But, you definitly got me thinking more about it so thanks.

3:07 午後  
Blogger EntropicDesign said...

Some more titles

Sky Line (sorry 2 words)
Day Dreamer (again sorry)

more later, back to drawing for me :)

5:17 午後  


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