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日曜日, 4月 15

Twenty Seven

Today is my birthday!

So, what I want from you all
is to color this and email it
too me. Subject: "color me"
The only requirement I have
is that it must be raining!!! If
it isn't raining in yours, I won't
post it... simple. I'll also accept
snow... but it better be fantastic!

Like last time, I'll post all of
the results in a few days or so.
Along with my colored version,
I just don't have time to color it
today, being my birthday and all.

I did this picture because it
always rains on my birthday,
but it is a fucking beautiful day
today! It has not rained one drop...
and doesn't look like it will. Hurray!

This came out quite a lot like
Ester's umbrella girl, which
I started on the same day she
posted hers. Synchronicity.

( also, I'm not super happy with
the scan, so if it sucks, let me
know, and I'll fix it... cheers! )


Blogger Ester said...

yay! Happy Birthday!!

5:37 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks, Ester!

2:58 午後  
Blogger EntropicDesign said...

happy b-day!

5:09 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks, Jim!

5:13 午後  
Blogger EntropicDesign said...

not that im a stalker or anything, but do either of you have an AIM screen name?

6:37 午後  
Blogger Ester said...

no, sorry Jim.

(Hey Sail, sorry for the delay...I think I can send you a color version tomorrow. And thanks for the fun "present" from you!) Happy Birthday, wish I could celebrate with you ;)

7:11 午後  
Blogger EntropicDesign said...

Ok thanks est.

Oh, and I tried ordering stuff off Bambaland, and I think they sent me the stuff without me paying O_O.

It's the most confusing method of payment I've ever dealt with. I had to confirm my order, but I haven't paid, I selected "Pay by phone" and now I think its going to charge me somehow with that.

Soooo weird.
Crazy aussies

7:14 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

No worries, Ester, I'll be taking them all week. I'd rather wait for you to do it right, than get a rush job right away, you know?

And, I had a crazy blast last night, after a BBQ, my friends got me wicked drunk. Despite the fact that I didn't want to get that drunk. Oh well. It was still fun to see all my best friends at once. Wish you guys could have been there.

Jim, sorry, I don't have an AIM either.

On the Bamba thing, the payment will probably go through in a few days. But, did you get the stuff already? OR did you just order it? I didn't even know anything was in stock. I know they're restocking, and should be available by tomorrow...

7:51 午後  
Blogger EntropicDesign said...

Wish I coulda been there bro- and its weird, because I didn't give them any payment information except a billing address. It won't let me adjust my order either. Strange

7:59 午後  
Blogger Robb Lioy said...

Happy birthday guy!

I like the picture, I'll have something as well tomorrow evening.

8:01 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

I dunno, Jim, email Ash, or if there is a contact on the bambaland site, or take it and run.

Thanks, Robb, I look forward to it!

8:15 午後  
Blogger jscott said...

I did one up tonight. I just got a newer version of photoshop....I've been running 5.5 for a long ass time. This little project helped me figure out this new version. Everything is the same, but different at the same time....oddly confusing.

8:58 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Yeah, I got it! Great stuff!

What version are you running now?

9:38 午後  
Blogger Feikki said...

Hope you liked mine too!

7:51 午前  
Blogger jscott said...

7 or something....its not the newest of the new. To be honest I actually have 7 and 5.5 on my computer. I'm keeping 5.5 as a safety net.

10:11 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Feikki, I love it, thank you!

Jeremy, I'm still on regular CS, after having been on 6 for ages. I have CS2 and CS3 at my house (my cousin's comp) but, I almost never use them. Don't really need to. CS works fine for me... for now anyway.

1:29 午後  
Blogger jscott said...

Well, I sent you one more. What can I say....I'm bored as hell and putting off doing the work I should be doing.

2:20 午後  


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