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土曜日, 4月 28


Goddamn. It's like some kind of
disease where I can't stop mucking
about in my moleskin long enough
to actually do anything final for print.

And art walk isn't getting farther away.

Anyway, another one of the "headphone
girls" ideas... we'll see if I can finish
something today... please god, help me.

Listening to The Velvet Teen, Bjork, Air,
and some of my own electronic stuff.


Blogger Robb Lioy said...

Love the colors you used.

9:17 午前  
Blogger EntropicDesign said...

You really do great stuff Sail, I look forward to your updates everyday!

2:02 午後  
Blogger JScott said...

That friggin' moleskin is gonna look so great when you are all done with it.

2:45 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks for all the kind words, guys!

Robb, I adjusted her hair color in PS, because it was WAY to dark.

Jim, if only I actually updated daily. ;)

Jeremy, well it's actually full of a bunch of complete shit too, so I need to get a new one and fill it with nothing but this stuff. That would look great. But as it is, this one is only partially cool. And the pages stick together sometimes from all the paint... or it bleeds through the binding on to other pages and mucks up some of the other pages.

2:57 午後  


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