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日曜日, 3月 11


I'm working on some things
I shouldn't/can't talk about
yet... but hopefully soon.

I found this yesterday. It's a
little old, but I still like it. The
drawing could be better, but
I still like the general design.

I'm also working on the original
5 page Tramonto story again...
we'll see how that goes. I should
have it all done in a few weeks at
most, depending on what happens
with these other projects...

Happy birthday to Wanda, and
thank you for letting me show
at art walk with you guys!
I really appreciate it!


Blogger Robb Lioy said...

I like it. It has a strong design sense to it, and in some ways kind of reminds me of the locations in Tokyo Jean Snow showcases on his blog(s).

6:42 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks, Robb! I like the design.

9:24 午後  
Blogger Ester said...

for some reason, this image seems relaxing to me (maybe it's the blue?). It's really nice.

7:02 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

I think it's the lack of anything going on. It's an empty setting, with all that black and white space. But yes, I think the cool blue adds to that. That was my idea anyway.

5:16 午後  


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