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火曜日, 2月 27


I had Ghost in the Shell
on, while working on the
art walk stuff tonight so...
here is a messy drawing
of a robot/cyborg girl.


Blogger Ester said...

wow Sail, you were right. The full head piece (cropped up) is great! Really, really like that one :)

Good luck with the walk!

8:32 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks... it about killed me. The original idea I had isn't what I ended up with, but what I got is better than what I planned.

You'll notice that I dropped the watercolor to grey, because the red was taking too much attention away from the face. Shame, as I liked the red. Oh well.

8:50 午後  
Blogger Ester said...

oh, you know, I was thinking there was something different about it, but I love the grey background a lot. You're totally right, the grey let's the face pop forward in red. It's great work! Kind of cool how things morph into new ideas/images when you let spontaneity take over.

8:01 午前  


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