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火曜日, 2月 13

Art Walk Picture

Here is a picture of the framed
prints on the wall from Art Walk.
This is the only picture that was
not too dark or had glare all over
the glass of the frames...

Real update with real actual
exciting news tomorrow!!!

err... or is it later today?


Blogger Jeremy said...

Those look awesome. Really dig those framed and on the wall.

2:52 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

It's a shitty picture, but yeah, they looked great in the frames. It was really weird (cool, but weird) seeing my stuff up on a wall like that.

3:01 午後  
Blogger jscott said...

It is wierd to see something you've done in a frame. I have never had it done for myself...although I have had lots of stuff up in group shows and open house sales. But just a couple weeks ago I was at work(I work part-time as a custom framer)a women brought a watercolour painting of mine in to get framed. It was really cool to see it done and to also know that somebody cared enough about the piece to actually pay the 200+ dollars to get it framed...on top of the price they payed for the art.

5:33 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Holy shit! That's a lot of money. I framed all those myself... for the cost of the frames and the matte board, and having the board beveled.

Very cool to know someone would do that for your art.

I was blown away that people paid for the framed pieces, because I thought that I was way over charging. Thank god for free booze at art walk!

5:43 午後  
Blogger JScott said...

I always feels like I am over charging. I sold a bust of Ed Norton a while ago that wasn't actually all that great. A lady bought it for $250 and I felt like a criminal taking her money. She liked it though so I guess that's all that matters.

11:08 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

I was/am asking $75 USD for the framed prints. To me it feels kinda high... even though, I'm not walking with much profit after my initial cost.

Maybe I should charge more. I'm making the book so I can have a more affordable option to people who like my work.

4:11 午後  
Anonymous 匿名 said...

Oh i totaly saw your work last artwalk619 those are great stuff , i met you lastnight after crazy drunk lady gave away a dream catcher

4:53 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thank you!

Were you the girl who was talking to the crazy lady that wanted you to vouch to her parole officer or something... or was that someone else? Forgive me, I was kinda drunk.

5:56 午後  


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