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月曜日, 2月 5


Ester mentioned drawing
with shadows instead of lines
and being the Frank Miller fan
that I am and after finding
Danijel Zezelj through the
new Desolation Jones arc...
I felt like getting back to this
as I never draw this way anymore.

I didn't put any shadows on the
ground, though, perhaps I should have.


Blogger Ester said...

thanks for that awesome link! And it's exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about too! And your work like this nails it too. Very cool stuff! Thanks!

11:56 午前  
Blogger Robb Lioy said...

I really like the use of the gradient against the picture. Well done sir.

7:31 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

thanks guys! THis was fun, I'll post another one tonight.

I just got done reading the two new issues of Desolation Jones so, the style is fresh in my mind.

8:11 午後  


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