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土曜日, 2月 24

Art Walk 2.0

Looks like I'll be doing the
art walk again this month.
I really like 3 days notice...
as I don't want to just show
all the same stuff again...

I guess I wont be sleeping
much tonight or tomorrow,
I'll see what I'm able to get
done. Good thing I've got
Cowboy Bebop on DVD to
keep me company!

I guess I can fall back on
some of the stuff from last
time if need be. I'm only
doing 3 images this time.


Blogger Ester said...

Cowboy Bebop rocks! Especially if you've got the whole series to keep you company. Ed's my fav!

6:44 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Yes, the whole thing, just running in the background. And Ghost in the Shell season 1, when I finish Cowboy Bebop!

Oh and, Ed is my favorite also!

1:39 午後  


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