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火曜日, 1月 30

Notes and Prints...

The art walk final images are uploaded here.


I commented on Esters blog that
I couldn't read the little notes on the
drawings... and I wished I could. So,
she reposted it bigger, and one good
turn deserves another. So... I thought
I'd share my notes for the art walk.

Complete with a doodle of myself,
and a random nekkid blue girl


I just got back from picking up the
prints. They look fucking awesome!
They'd look better if the print lab, you
know, actually monitored or checked the
prints, and the machine didn't over size
and crop the fuck out of them. Lame.

(I'll try to post a picture of them later)

They are going to reprint them as they
should be, in time for the art walk, and
everything will be fine, but still, a little

The print quality, though, is fantastic!
I'm excited to see them at the right size
and uncropped. Oh well, lesson larned.
Rain Delay turned out ok, so I get a free
slightly F'd print for my wall or something.


Anonymous 匿名 said...

hey this is cool! I really like seeing your notes and raw thoughts like this too. I guess now I understand wanting to be somewhat voyeristic about this whole blogging thing. Your print choices look great! I never noticed any zip-a-tone problems. My fav is definitely that top image with wings. Great work! Tons of luck with lots of sales!

6:04 午後  
Anonymous 匿名 said...

Thanks. It's fun to see what someone was thinking outside of what came through in the drawing.

Everything looks great in the frames, and what not, though not everything ended up framed (time and money) the way I wanted, but Im still excited! Should be fun. I'll post pictures from the show in the next day or so.

1:00 午後  


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