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月曜日, 1月 15


There is no snow in
fucking Belgrade...
but there has been
snow at my house
since Thursday! It
never snows here.

It's literally freezing!


Anonymous 匿名 said...

I love this color scheme. Seems like your work is expanding. (BTW, very beautiful image for the sad news about Harry Horse).

6:44 午前  
Anonymous 匿名 said...

I like the layout for this pic quite a bit.

And WTF? You guy got snow? I'm in New England, and we haven't seen a single flake yet. Usually by this time of year, I've shoveled my car and driveway out at least two dozen times by now, and our pipes would have froze at least once.

Not that I'm complaining.....:)

6:18 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Yes, there has been snow for about a week. It's already snowed twice this year. It almost never snows here anymore. Certainly not like it has this year.

3:36 午後  


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