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土曜日, 1月 27


Something I was messing around
with today. As usual, web colors
have washed a bit of the colour
out of it. Still a work in progress...

I also did some final adjustments
on some of the other prints and
a business card for the art walk.
Just in case I run out of a print.

The magnet probably isn't going
to happen though, which kinda sucks.


Anonymous 匿名 said...

hey sail! I'm not sure what happened to my last comment here, but I was mentioning that I really like this added texture that you did for the background with whitewash.

hmmm - maybe I didn't sign in right...

Anyway, good luck with your show and prints!

8:12 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks, Ester!

This is going to be one of the prints, instead of the 'robot' image. Glad you like it. I've made a few changes to it... I'll post all the finals later today.

anyway, I'm off to the print lab!

12:39 午後  


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