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木曜日, 12月 14

Pros & Fans

The color washes out
when saved for the web.
It's a little more green,
a little less MASH.

is still useless. I have a
short piece I'd like to put
up over there... and here
but, everyting is still 'coming
soon!...' Image tags would
be a nice start, though.

I've noticed some chatter
about the 'pro' and 'fan'
group plans, from the pros...
While I'm a fan, and not a pro,
shouldn't small time comicers
get some sort of tag other than
just 'fan'? I can't network on
comicspace as a 'fan' anymore
than I already can with my email
this blog and myspace.

I'd like a way to stand out as
not just a fan. I'm ok with
being on a pro's 'fan' list.
But, I'm there to network, and
maybe someday not be just
another fan... right?


Anonymous 匿名 said...

Have you thought to join There is a mass amount of networking going on there, and while the work is fantasy-heavy, you could easily find a niche and friends. They even post jobs...maybe check that out.


5:46 午前  
Anonymous 匿名 said...

Has there really been that sort of talk going on about ComicSpace? If the division was that extreme, it would defeat the whole purpose of the site in a way, I think.

6:06 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Yeah, many pro's seem to want a friends and a fans list... which is fine. Some of them seem to feel bad about removing 'fans' from their friends list, and making them re friend them.

I dunno, seems rather silly. I'm sure it's a part of why Dave Gibbons is turning people down at the moment.

I'd like an 'amature' tag, to show that I'm making comics, but not for a major publisher... I'm sure publishers would sift through 'amatures' well before 'fans'

Also, it seems like the pros are really looking for a divide, which yeah, seems to sorta defeat the point... sorta.

I don't know, at this point it's all silly bullshit, beause you can't do anything on or with comicspace at the moment. I notice that they're working on the 'pro'/'fan' tags before the ability to upload and track comics... which is fucking ridiculous. Keep catering to a bunch of pros and I'm going to walk.

...going to give a better look over than I have before.

oh and, Jock is the man :)

3:17 午後  
Anonymous 匿名 said...

Yeah, I saw that you lucky bastard. :)

You should do a screen cap and frame it, seriously. That was very cool.

Yeah I agree about a middle ground tag. "Amature" or "Non professional" would work. Something. I don't know, I'll have to wait and see myself until they get everything else set up before I make a real decision.

4:49 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Ha ha!

Seriously, it's very cool to know that I played some small part in an issue of SWALLOW, and helped out one of the guys I admire most... even if no one else knows or cares. Now if only I could get myself in SWALLOW!

What irritates me about comicspace, is that it seems 'friend' and 'fan' lists are more important than actually being able to upload content... or image tags in your profile. Though, I do think the fan list is a good idea...

Fuck the pros, they already have exposure, fan clubs, messgae boards, distrobution, books on the shelf and what not... comicspace has great potential for the little guy, but seems less interested in that aspect at the moment.

6:22 午後  


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