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日曜日, 12月 17


Well, 2007 is just around
the corner now and all I
got was this stupid year.

I don't have anything to
show for it, except this
blog... which I suppose
is something after all.

Growth if nothing else.

Again, the image is a bit
washed out after 'saving
for the web' maybe I'll try
larger jpgs... anyone know?

I got an email from someone
who's to shy to comment,
asking how I do what I do...

so I'm going to do a
'stages' post soon.


Anonymous ester said...

I've noticed, that if you save as .bmp (are you PC?), then the colors stay a little bit brighter - it's subtle. Other than that, I don't know any way besides saving original psd/ai files.

very cool image here :)

5:53 午前  
Blogger r_sail said...

Thanks, it's not my favorite, but I like it.

I'm on a mac. So, I dunno... I'll play with different files and see what happens.

1:37 午後  
Anonymous 匿名 said...

Are you working in CMYK or RGB? Because I've noticed that when I do work in CMYK and then switch it to RGB for the web, I lose a wee bit of color.

Also, maybe upping the resolution a little? Are you saving the files at 72 dpi? I recently have been uploading stuff at 300, but I'm also linking them from Photobucket, so not sure if Blogger would allow a larger file like that.

I don't know if any of that would help, but I'd say just mess around with stuff. And I like the pic.

2:02 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

RBG at 72... web colors are always less than whatever you're working with in RBG or CMKY... and I use a rather desaturated palette to start with.

But it sucks when the subtlety of the color is what you liked... then it's almost completely gray when you bounce it. This came out better than some of the others, but not enough.

2:16 午後  


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