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木曜日, 11月 9

Colour Me!

in no particular order:


Ester basically read my mind here.
I used a floral pattern on my colored version...

Ester can be found here:

and daily, here:


Evan said he had nothing else to do that day... good thing.
Nothing beats hot chicks in dark alleys!

Evan gets extra points for being the only person
who doesn't already read this (or does he... hmmm.)
and wasn't the person who inspired this.

Cheers, Evan!

Evan can be found here:


Robb thinks he wrecked my drawing, but I love this.
Reminds me of the cover to Automatic Kafka #9.
She is sorta commercially posed.

Robb is starting to use paints in his work. It's painty goodness.

Robb can be found here:


Micheal Wulf:

Micheal was/is the artist who asked me to
collaborate on a piece with him.

That is still coming... that's my fault.

Micheal has no website or blog,
but you can find some of his work here

Thanks to everyone who bothered colouring my drawing.



Anonymous 匿名 said...

Hey, thanks for putting mine up. :)
And thanks for the link!
All the variations people did on this are great. I like Wulf's especially.

7:46 午後  
Blogger r_sail said...

Hey, man, I said I'd post any piece of crap you sent me! ; )

I'm kidding, I really like your piece!

My favorite part is how different all of them are. I only wish I'd recieved a few more.

oh well, maybe I'll try it again someday with a better picture.


8:27 午後  
Blogger Ester said...

all those entries are really great! You know, you could join up with the Little Chimp Society where you can post your contest news. It's free, and another place is Illustration Mundo for free. You might get more traffic :)

(Your drawing was nice though)

6:36 午前  


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