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月曜日, 10月 16

日 - 30

Top: The original as I scanned it

Bottom: After some Photoshop dickery.

Well, there it is. 30 drawings in...
umm... a bit longer than 30 days.
(30 in 30, being the original idea.)

I suppose this will be the regular blog from here on out.
As most everything I post, unless otherwise noted, is finished.
Most everything I post is drawn the day it's posted.
At a point it's either done and I'm happy, or I'm not.

Paper Lanterns will become something else...
probably the home of Tramonto.

If you're reading, say hello. Let me know you're out there.
I've been debating talking a bit more, and passing on links
to other people who deserve your time and attention too.

Everyone should go read 'Minus' in the webcomics section,
over at The Engine It's a fantastic strip comic, and it's free.
There's lots of other webcomics happening there that you might like too.
So, make with the clicky already.

Travis Charest has a webcomic called Spacegirl.
It's Travis, he's a god. Certainly worth your time. Metabarons is going to blow my mind when it finally comes out.

Kate Miller has been kicking my ass lately, so go check her out too.

until tomorrow.


Anonymous 匿名 said...

I gotta say love the newest pic you posted.

I would definately write more on the blog. Sometimes, a pic that gets posted doesn't need words, as it says it all without them. But when reading other peoples blogs (and I can only speak for myself), it's cool to find out what the artist was thinking or just the artist offering their thoughts n anything, be it Ashley Wood, Ben Templesmith, or Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. I always felt it kinda offers an opportunity to connect a little with the people reading or looking at your work (imo, that's what all great art comes down to, on any level). Looks great, and I'm looking forward to Tramonto. And thanks again for the suggestions.

5:52 午前  


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