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土曜日, 10月 14

日 - 27

I've been sick the last few days.

Been painting pages for Tramonto,
and did this when I needed a break from those.

I'm going to redo the girl in pencil. I think it'll look better.
The colors don't turn our quite right here... low res and all.
But you get the idea.

I never talk about the music I listen to when I draw, so...

Today I listened to Cliff Martinez' soundtrack for Solaris, which wasn't too bad a film itself, has a nice 2001 atmosphere to it. Slow. Which I adore. Anything slow and lonely. But an orchestra with steel drums and electronics... well, it's better than you'd think! As well as other random ambient/elecronic music.
Brian Eno 'Ambient 1 - Music for Airports' is always good.



Anonymous 匿名 said...

Excellent work as always Sail. Looking forward to seeing it redone.

6:56 午前  


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