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水曜日, 8月 30

日 - 19

I fell off the 'daily' concept there for a bit, but I'm trying hard to get back on.

I've been using most of my art time working on art for a webcomic I've already started, and once given up on. I really like the idea, I like most of the page design, but my execution was terrible. Terrible intent from the get go, and it showed. So I'm working on the style a lot these days, and I think I'm getting closer.

The Terminal link up top with the other blog links, is where I will, at some point, be showing some sample pages and what not.

Yes, I need to seperate everything.

anyway, here's to daily drawing.

Below: This was a doodle drawn abou the size it is if you click on it. His eye is at the wrong angle, but I liked the white ink on color paper.